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The Ultimate Guide to Family Activities and Dining in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

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Nestled along the banks of the scenic Cuyahoga River, Cuyahoga Falls is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and a delightful destination for families seeking adventure and relaxation. At Float the River, we offer an engaging tubing and kayaking experience that is sure to be the heart of an activity filled, family-friendly day. Floating with us is the perfect way to begin a day filled with laughter, bonding, and exploration. Here’s how families can maximize their visit to Cuyahoga Falls, making the most of the river and the town’s charming offerings.

Floating as a Family-Friendly Activity

Floating the Cuyahoga River is an excellent way for families to spend quality time together. This leisurely activity is not only suitable for all ages but also provides both excitement and the opportunity to connect with nature. Float the River ensures a safe and enjoyable experience by offering various floating options tailored for different age groups and comfort levels, making it inclusive so that any family members ages five or older can participate safely.

The experience of floating down the river is engaging and calming, offering moments of serene connection to the water and surrounding wildlife. Children and adults alike can enjoy the gentle flow of the river, spot local birds, and appreciate the lush scenery. It’s a unique opportunity to disconnect from digital distractions and engage in meaningful conversations or just enjoy peaceful silence together.

Safety is a top priority for Float the River. We provide all necessary equipment, including life jackets and secure tubes. Our knowledgeable staff are trained to guide families through the entire process. Before setting out, participants receive a thorough briefing on what to expect during the float, how to handle the tubes, and safety measures to ensure everyone feels confident and secure.

Additionally, at Float the River, we offer special events and themed floats throughout the year, such as sunset floats or holiday-themed adventures, adding an extra layer of excitement to the floating experience.

Partner Discounts, Deals, and More

After the float has ended and you’ve taken our included transportation back to your starting point, Float the River enhances the experience by partnering with local businesses to offer discounts and deals. These partnerships allow families to enjoy a range of activities and dining options at a reduced cost. Whether it’s a discounted meal at a nearby restaurant or a special rate on local attractions, these deals help you keep the fun going as you turn a float down the river into a day trip you won’t want to end.

Dining Options Post-Float

After working up an appetite on the river, families have numerous dining options to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. The Workz on the Riverfront offers a playful atmosphere with its arcade and bowling lanes, making it perfect for families looking to continue the fun. The menu features classic American fare that appeals to both kids and adults.

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Meanwhile, Butcher and Sprout caters to those seeking a more laid-back dining experience with a farm-to-table menu, which focuses on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Their dishes, ranging from hearty salads to gourmet burgers, ensure that even the most discerning palates are delighted. A selection of table games inside as well as backyard style games on the patio ensure that there is something to entertain everyone.

For families with a taste for craft beer and hearty meals, HiHO Brewing Company is a great spot. It offers a cozy setting ideal for parents to unwind as the kids enjoy one of the many board games available on site. This brewery is known for its friendly atmosphere and a selection of craft beers brewed on-site, which pairs wonderfully with a menu of satisfying pub fare and delicious pizzas designed to appeal to both adults and children.

Additionally, these establishments participate in our discount program, giving families an enjoyable dining experience at a better value. This not only makes the day more affordable but also introduces visitors to the best of local cuisine and hospitality.

Beyond these featured spots, Cuyahoga Falls boasts a diverse culinary scene with options ranging from casual cafes to upscale dining experiences, ensuring that there’s something available for any occasion or dining preference. This variety enriches the post-floating experience, allowing families to make lasting memories over great food.

Additional Family Activities in Cuyahoga Falls

Beyond dining, Cuyahoga Falls offers a variety of attractions that can fill an entire day with joy and exploration. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park, just a short drive from downtown, offers extensive hiking trails, scenic views, and abundant wildlife, making it a perfect spot for families to immerse themselves in nature. This sprawling park is also home to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail, which provides a historical journey through restored canal locks and offers excellent opportunities for biking and bird-watching.

In the heart of the city, Falls River Square serves as a cultural hub with its frequent public events, concerts, and festivals. This lively area provides ample opportunities for families to engage with the local community and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Cuyahoga Falls. Additionally, the Downview Sports Center offers family fun with its skate park, batting cages, and miniature golf.

The city’s parks, such as Gorge Metro Park, offer mountain biking and rock climbing opportunities that challenge both beginners and experienced adventurers. Seasonal sports, from ice skating in the winter to water sports in the summer, ensure there’s always something exciting to do.

Together, these activities and venues offer a variety of experiences that will ensure that every visit to Cuyahoga Falls is memorable and engaging for visitors of all ages.

Special Treats and Shopping in Cuyahoga Falls

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Several local businesses offer unique treats and shopping opportunities that are perfect for families:

  • Metropolis Popcorn: Known for its wide variety of gourmet popcorn flavors, this shop offers a fun, tasty treat for the whole family. Visitors with a Float the River wristband can enjoy a 15% discount.
  • Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop: A paradise for those with a sweet tooth, offering an extensive selection of candies and novelty sweets. Float the River participants receive a free lollipop with any purchase.
  • REVERIE: A charming gift shop where families can explore a curated selection of gifts and unique finds. With a Float the River wristband, visitors can get a free lip balm with a purchase of $20 or more.

These locations add a special touch to the day’s adventures, allowing families to enjoy the local flavor of Cuyahoga Falls.

Exploring the Rich History and Community of Cuyahoga Falls

For families interested in history and culture, Cuyahoga Falls offers enriching experiences such as the Little Cuyahoga River Historical Society, which provides guided tours that illuminate the city’s past. The annual Cuyahoga Falls Festival of the Arts is another highlight, offering a showcase for local artists and artisans. Additionally, the Riverfront Centre historic district is home to quaint shops set in beautifully preserved buildings, where families can shop and dine while soaking in the architectural heritage. These cultural and historical attractions provide an experience that enriches the understanding of Ohio’s past and present all while being immersed in the natural beauty of Cuyahoga Falls.

A Day to Remember in Cuyahoga Falls

Cuyahoga Falls, with its picturesque river and vibrant community, provides an ideal setting for families to enjoy a day packed with adventure and discovery. After floating down the Cuyahoga River with Float the River, the city opens up a treasure trove of activities that extend the enjoyment beyond the water. Whether it’s enjoying a relaxing meal at one of our amazing restaurants, relishing the gourmet treats at Metropolis Popcorn and Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, or discovering unique gifts at REVERIE, the city caters to all ages and interests.

The combination of thrilling river floats, delicious dining options, and engaging local attractions ensures that every family member leaves with special memories. Cuyahoga Falls not only offers a gateway to outdoor excitement but also fosters wonderful moments for family bonding and making new friends in a community-centered environment.

So, gather your loved ones and head to Cuyahoga Falls for a day where the natural beauty of the outdoors and the warmth of a small-town atmosphere blend seamlessly, promising a family outing that’s as enriching as it is entertaining.

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