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Giving Tuesday 2023: Preserving the Cuyahoga River and More

Giving Thursday


Ever hear the phrase, “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions”? Well, it’s Giving Tuesday and Float the River is planting seeds of change.

We’re not just talking about donating money. We’re knee-deep in mud to protect our beloved Cuyahoga River ecosystem.

We understand that every creature plays a vital role in our ecosystem – from the smallest insect to the towering trees lining our riverbanks.

That’s why this Giving Tuesday we want to highlight some of the incredible organizations – and ways to support them – that are helping to preserve our river and its ecosystem.

Table of Contents:

  • Embrace the Spirit of Giving Tuesday with Float the River
  • The Vital Role of the Cuyahoga River and Local Wildlife in Our Ecosystem
  • Celebrating Our Partnership: Float the River  and Friends of the Crooked River
    • Making Waves Together
  • The Community Impact of Supporting Local Environmental Charities
  • How You Can Contribute: Diverse Ways to Support Local Causes This Giving Tuesday
  • Explore Other Local Conservation Efforts: Supporting Cuyahoga’s Wildlife and Rivers
  • Float the River’s Year-Round Dedication to Environmental Stewardship
  • Uniting for a Greener Tomorrow – Join Float the River  This Giving Tuesday
  • Float the River with Us

Embrace the Spirit of Giving Tuesday with Float the River 

Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back, has sparked an outpouring of generosity worldwide. It’s not just one day–it symbolizes the potential we have when all of us collaborate to do good.

At Float The River, this spirit rings especially true as our commitment goes beyond simply providing thrilling tubing experiences on Ohio’s Cuyahoga River. We’re deeply rooted in community service and environmental stewardship. Our mission is to make every ride down the river count.

We understand that preserving our natural playground—the Cuyahoga River—and its local wildlife plays an integral part in maintaining not only our way of life but also contributes significantly to Northeast Ohio’s economy.

This Giving Tuesday, join us as we partner with Trout Unlimited—dedicated to the conservation of freshwater streams, rivers, and associated upland habitats for trout, salmon, other aquatic species, and people. We’re donating 10% of proceeds from purchases made on Tuesday, November 28th to this amazing non-profit.

The Vital Role of the Cuyahoga River and Local Wildlife in Our Ecosystem

Picture this: The Cuyahoga River, winding through Northeast Ohio, is more than just a scenic backdrop. It’s a life force for local wildlife.

This mighty river, also known as the ‘Crooked River’ supports an array of species. From waterfowl like ducks and herons to mammals such as beavers and deer – it’s their supermarket, highway, and home all rolled into one.


But there’s another layer here. This ecosystem also impacts us humans. Healthy rivers mean healthy communities – clean drinking water, recreational opportunities like tubing with Float the River, and even boosting our economy via tourism.

Local critters play their part too. Bees pollinate plants that make up our food supply; bats control pests by feasting on mosquitoes; trees absorb CO2, providing us with cleaner air.

We’re not separate from the nearby nature but rather interconnected pieces of this ecological puzzle.

The Cuyahoga River isn’t just a scenic beauty in Northeast Ohio – it’s a lifeline for local wildlife and our communities. From clean water to boosting tourism, we’re all part of this ecological puzzle. 

Celebrating Our Partnerships

At Float the River, we know the power of partnership. That’s why we collaborate with other organizations that champion the care of the Cuyahoga and rivers across the U.S.

Organizations like Friends of the Crooked River, who work to keep this river healthy for all, and Trout Unlimited, a national organization committed to protecting freshwater streams and rivers.

Making Waves Together

Folks often ask why partnerships matter. It’s simple – they amplify impact. When we join forces with thriving conservation organizations like Friends of the Crooked River or Trout Unlimited, our combined efforts are greater than each of us alone.

The result is cleaner waters, healthier wildlife habitats, and more vibrant outdoor experiences for everyone. And let’s face it – there’s something special about seeing your community thrive because you lent a hand.


The Community Impact of Supporting Environmental Charities

By contributing to environmental charities such as Trout Unlimited, you’re not only being generous but also making a positive impact on our local environment. It’s making our community healthier and greener.

You’re not only preserving natural spaces but also creating habitats for wildlife. These green spaces are vital as they offer recreational spots for us all while promoting biodiversity.

A report from Conservation Tools suggests that conservation efforts can boost local economies through tourism, outdoor recreation, and increased property values.

Your support helps make sure our home stays beautiful now – and for future generations. So this Giving Tuesday let’s show some love to Mother Nature together.

Lend a hand this #GivingTuesday. Support environmental charities, preserve natural spaces, and boost our economy. Let’s keep our rivers and parks beautiful for future generations together. 

How You Can Contribute: Diverse Ways to Support Causes This Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is all about making a difference. One way you can do that is by donating to local nonprofit organizations, such as Float the River’s river cleanup initiatives with Friends of the Crooked River, or to organizations like Trout Unlimited.

Your contributions will help keep our rivers clean and wildlife thriving. But remember, monetary contributions are not the only way to help. Time is also valuable.

You could volunteer for an upcoming river cleanup event (follow our Facebook page for up-to-date event details) or join one of the many local organizations (listed below) in their conservation efforts.

Trust us – there’s no better feeling than being hands-on in preserving our environment.

Love the Cuyahoga River as much as we do at Float the River? Your support goes beyond #GivingTuesday. Join us for clean-ups to keep our river thriving all year long. 

Explore Other Local Conservation Efforts: Supporting Cuyahoga’s Wildlife and Rivers

Beyond the work of Float the River, several other organizations are doing their part to protect our natural treasures. One such group is Cleveland Metroparks. They’ve been stalwart in environmental stewardship, with initiatives that support local wildlife.

Their Wildlife Conservation program funds conservation projects worldwide. But don’t be fooled – they’re just as dedicated to preserving our own backyard here in Northeast Ohio.

Then we have the tireless team at the Conservancy for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Their mission? To create meaningful experiences and preserve the Cuyahoga Valley National Park for future generations.

If water preservation floats your boat more than land, consider supporting West Creek Conservancy. They aim to restore local watersheds and enhance public access to these vital resources. Talk about making waves.

This Giving Tuesday, let’s lend a hand (or dollar) where it counts most. Because when you give locally, you help make sure Cuyahoga stays beautiful – now and forevermore.

This #GivingTuesday, let’s make waves together. Your support for local wildlife and river conservation can help keep Cuyahoga beautiful. 10% of proceeds from sales on Tuesday, Nov. 28th go to Trout Unlimited.

Uniting for a Greener Tomorrow – Join Float the River  This Giving Tuesday

As lovers of the Cuyahoga River and champions of clean rivers and healthy habitats across the US, we’re thrilled to be supporting Trout Unlimited this Giving Tuesday. We’re donating 10% of proceeds from sales on Tuesday, Nov. 28th to this incredible organization. Join us by getting a little something for you – like a season pass for next summer – and give a little to them.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on our annual river clean-up events and more!


Float the River With Us

At Float the River, we are passionate about providing unforgettable experiences and fostering a deep appreciation for the natural wonders of the Cuyahoga River. Reach out to schedule a group adventure, a kayak excursion, or to make your next team-building experience unforgettable. Let nature be your guide as you embark on a journey towards stronger teams and brighter futures.


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