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9 Reasons to Shop Local This Small Business Saturday

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As the calendar turns to the end of November, Small Business Saturday encourages folks to shop local. Launched as a counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which predominantly benefit large retailers and e-commerce giants, Small Business Saturday shines a spotlight on local, independent businesses.

But why should you shop local? Here are nine compelling reasons.

Table Of Contents:

#1 Your Dollar Goes Farther 

Your spending habits have power, and that’s especially true when you shop local. Each dollar spent at a local business stays within your community, contributing to its growth.

This concept is often called the “Local Multiplier Effect”. It means that money spent locally gets recycled back into the economy. This boosts employment and supports services we all rely on.

Consider this study from the American Independent Business Alliance, which shows that your dollar goes farther when shopping locally:

  • $68 out of each $100: That’s how much stays local when you buy nearby.
  • $43 out of each $100: What remains if you choose big box stores or online giants instead.

If everyone decided to shift even just 10% more purchases towards small local businesses? Think about it. We’d be fueling job creation while enjoying unique products made right by our friends and neighbors.

Remember, shopping small isn’t just buying an item; it’s investing in your neighbors’ dreams and nurturing our hometown pride.

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#2 Personalized Customer Service

Small businesses are renowned for their personalized customer service. The owners and staff often know their products more intimately and take the time to offer personalized recommendations than their large retailer counterparts.

#3 Unique and One-of-a-Kind Products

Local shops often stock items that are unique and not found in larger retail outlets. From handcrafted goods to locally produced specialties, these products add diversity and character to your shopping experience. Shopping local means you can find something special and distinctive, perfect for those seeking gifts or unique items for themselves.

Take our river tubing experience for instance. We give folks a chance to enjoy the scenic beauty of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, right from the water’s edge. That’s not something you can buy at big box stores or online giants.

#4 Supporting Community Identity

Local businesses contribute significantly to the identity and character of a community.

They’re often run by people who live in the community, providing a distinct local flavor and charm. These businesses, from the corner bakery to the family-run bookstore, become landmarks and integral parts of our daily lives.

In this way, local businesses play a pivotal role in shaping community identity and culture. Local businesses serve as the beating heart of our communities, lending them life, vibrancy, and distinction.

#5 Environmental Benefits

Did you know shopping local is like planting a tree? Just as trees absorb carbon dioxide, supporting local businesses can help reduce your environmental footprint.

Studies show that buying from neighborhood stores requires less transportation. This means fewer emissions and reduced fuel consumption compared to the long supply chains of large retailers.

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This isn’t just good for our planet; it’s great for Cuyahoga Falls too. Think about tubing down the clean, clear waters of the Cuyahoga River – all thanks to conscious decisions like these we make every day.

  • Local goods often use minimal packaging – even better if it’s biodegradable.
  • Locally sourced food cuts back on storage needs and waste creation.
  • A vibrant small business community helps maintain our beautiful town while keeping resources circulating locally instead of getting lost in big corporate pockets elsewhere.

We’re not saying this will instantly fix global warming but hey, who wouldn’t want fresher air or cleaner rivers? It starts with one purchase at a time – yours. Small Business Saturday awaits your environmentally friendly choices.

#6 Creating More Local Jobs

Small businesses are the backbone of the local job market. They create local employment opportunities, often offering jobs to residents within the community.

When you shop local on Small Business Saturday, each dollar spent recirculates within our neighborhood many times over.

This creates jobs locally, boosts tax revenue used to improve infrastructure, and supports public services – all adding up to a thriving local economy reflective of its people’s spirit.

#7 Encouraging Local Prosperity

When local businesses thrive, they can reinvest in the community in numerous ways. This includes improving their own services and contributing to local infrastructure and amenities. A prosperous local business sector helps create vibrant town centers and neighborhoods.

#8 Building Community Connections

Local businesses are often the sponsors of community events, sports teams, and charities. They are run by people who care about and are invested in the well-being of your community and its future. Shopping local helps build a sense of community and interconnectedness.

We all want strong communities where people can thrive. When we shop locally, we help foster relationships between consumers and producers creating tight-knit networks within our neighborhood. These ties are vital for fostering collaboration amongst up-and-coming entrepreneurs who will learn from each other leading to growth and success together.

  •  Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Small businesses are often the birthplace of innovation. They provide a platform for local entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. By supporting these businesses, you’re encouraging a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship that can yield unique and forward-thinking products and services.

Your purchase at a local store isn’t just an exchange of goods for money; it’s also an investment into someone’s dream and hard work. Shopping locally can provide the resources and security entrepreneurs need to explore new concepts, build upon their visions, and develop their operations, all contributing to a thriving local economy.

#9 Better Shopping Experience

Local shops often offer a more relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience. Away from the hustle and bustle of big box stores and shopping malls, local businesses provide a pleasant atmosphere where you can often chat with the owners themselves and enjoy a more personal shopping experience.

Shop local this Small Business Saturday. Be part of building vibrant communities while enjoying unique products and services that can’t be found elsewhere.

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Not sure where to start? Take a look at our list of partners – all local businesses operating in Cuyahoga Falls.

Shop Local with Float the River this Small Business Saturday

The takeaway? Next time you need something, consider going small before going big—you might be surprised at what treasures lie around the corner!

And don’t forget to shop small this Small Business Saturday – including shopping our store for discounts on everything from gift cards to season passes.

Float the River With Us

At Float the River, we are passionate about providing unforgettable experiences and fostering a deep appreciation for the natural wonders of the Cuyahoga River. Reach out to schedule a group adventure, a kayak excursion, or to make your next team-building experience unforgettable. Let nature be your guide as you embark on a journey towards stronger teams and brighter futures.

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